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  • sgoff - Saturday 11 November 2017 18:58
    Dear All

    Due to the Codgers London trip this months OCOT has been moved forward to the 10th of November 2017.

    This months trip is an ale trail taking in some of the best pubs in Huddersfield.

    The Grove, The Rat and Ratchet, The Corner Mallisons Brewery Tap, The Slubbers Arms, The Magic Rock Brewery Tap and The Sportsman's. There will be 2 to 3 miles walking on hard services, distance subject to weather. There is usually street food at The Magic Rock Brewery Tap.

    Travel Details. Day return £13:40 from Manchester Stations to Huddersfield.

    If wishing to travel from Manchester Victoria. I will be on this train, may I have a volunteer to lead the Victoria crew.

    Please meet at 10:40am in order to catch the 10:57 to Huddersfield arrive 11:42am.

    If wishing to travel from Manchester Piccadilly. Can I have a volunteer to lead the Piccadilly crew.

    Please meet at 10:40am in order to catch the 10:57am to Huddersfield arrive 11:26am.

    The return trains are

    Huddersfield 19:30 arrive Manchester Piccadilly 20:05, Manchester Oxford Road 20:09.
    Huddersfield 20:02 arrive Manchester Victoria 20:33.
    Huddersfield 20:11 arrive Manchester Piccadilly 20:42
    Huddersfield 20:30 arrive Manchester Piccadilly 21:06, Manchester Oxford Road 21:10.

    As always the above are the suggested return journey times there are other trains / buses that you might wish to travel home on.

    As always please buy a ticket that suits your own personal requirements.

    My mobile number is 07949550751 if you have any queries.

    Look forward to meeting you all on the day.

    Please confirm you attendance asap



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  • sgoff - Thursday 7 December 2017 14:38
    10th November 2017


    Present: Syd Bennett, Dave Burrows, Steve Carey, Dave Dalton, Andy Fildes, Steve Goff, Trevor Heywood, Robert Holmes, Peter Holmes, Larry Johnson, Kevin Jordan, Alan Larsen, Keith Mayoh, Kevin McDonough, Mark Nutter, Noel O’Toole, Bob Rial, Dave Whittle, Mike Whittle, Mike Worthington

    Today’s tour of Huddersfield’s finest hostelries attracted a twenty strong assembly, testament indeed to this erstwhile Yorkshire textile town’s fabled drinking establishments. Initially, upon our arrival at Huddersfield’s station, the tea-drinking triumvirate was conspicuous by its absence. It had elected to participate in a short walk in the vicinity of Huddersfield prior to rejoining the main group later in the afternoon.

    Following a short walk from the station, we soon arrived at The Corner, this being the first of six licensed premises to be visited during the day. The remaining five being: Rat and Ratchet, The Grove Inn, The Slubbers Arms, The Magic Rock Tap and The Sportsman.

    The weather had begun with bright sunshine and blue skies but as we strolled along a section of canal between hostelries, rain showers made their presence felt. Prior, to the start of our stroll along the canal, Kevin Maximus decided that it would be an opportune moment to ask us to bend our ears and savour his dulcet tones emanating from his reprise of the famous Yorkshire ditty: “The Recalcitrant Cow” *:

    “In Huddersfield in Huddersfield

    There was a cow that wouldn't yield

    The reason that she wouldn't yield

    She didn't like her udders feeled”

    Excepting his questionable choice of musical key that he chose in which to sing his ‘Ode to Codgers’, it was generally on the whole, well received.

    Our grateful thanks to Alan for his production of an insightful ale trail.

    *Of unknown origin