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  • sgoff - Sunday 1 October 2017 19:50
    O.C.O.T. Minutes

    13th April 2017

    Leyland / Worden Park

    Present: Dave Bates, Dave Dalton, John Guest, Adrian Hammond, Robert Holmes, Larry Johnson, Kevin Jordan, Alan Larsen, Keith Mayoh, John Nelson, Noel O’Toole, Elsa Sawczuk, Steve Sawczuk, Linda Staunton, Dave Whittle, Mike Whittle, Mike Worthington

    In complete contrast to the March outing, we were greeted with dry, pleasant weather for our circumnavigation of Leyland and Worden.

    Upon our return to Leyland, we visited several of the local hostelries including the Withy Arms, The Market Tavern, The Leyland Lion (Wetherspoons) and the Golden Tap Ale House micro pub near the station.

    Our thanks to Alan for another great production.