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  • sgoff - Tuesday 26 September 2017 17:25
    Dear All

    This months walk is an 9/10 mile moderate walk from Longridge up to Longridge Fell and onto Jeffrey Hill, after absorbing breathtaking views of the Bleasdale Fells and if clear the Yorkshire 3 peaks, we then drop down and walk field paths and bridleways in the Ribble Valley and arrive back into the small town of Longridge. In general the tracks are good but there is one short wet section on Jeffrey Hill so boots are the order of the day.

    The pub(s) of the day are The Corporation Arms (three quarters of way round), Hoppy Days and Tap and Vent both excellent micro pubs so hopefully a good choice of ale. The group if they so wish might have a last pint in The Guild Ale House once we return to Preston.

    There is also a chippy in Longridge and a pub Towneley Arms that does cheapish pub food up to 7pm.

    Travel Details, train to Preston then bus up to Longridge. From Manchester £9:90 from Bolton £10:20. Wayfarers go as far as Wigan or Chorley on the Bolton line.

    Please meet at Manchester Piccadilly at 10am in order to catch the 10:16am train to Preston arrive 10:57am. Please note this train calls off at Manchester Oxford Road at 10:19am.

    For those that are travelling from Bolton there is a train at 10:25am arrive Preston 10:58am.

    The group will then walk briskly across town to the bus stop, bus every ten minutes.

    The return train is 20:48 to Manchester Piccadilly arriving 21:30

    The return train to Bolton is 21:05 arrive Bolton 21:34.

    Can someone volunteer to lead the Manchester crew, I will meet you at Preston.

    As always the above details are the suggested return journey times there are other trains / buses that you might wish to travel home on.

    As always please buy a ticket that suits your own personal requirements. I would advise you to buy a Preston plus bus ticket when purchasing your train ticket as you save money rather than paying on the bus and it speeds up boarding.

    As always my mobile number is 07949550751 if you have any queries.

    Look forward to meeting you all on the day.


  • sgoff - Monday 9 October 2017 19:13
    O.C.O.T. Minutes

    15th September 2017


    Present: Robert Brown, Dave Dalton, Andy Fildes, Steve Goff, Adi Hammond, Robert Holmes, Kevin Jordan, Alan Larsen, Colin Larsen, Barry McGuinness, John Nelson, Noel O’Toole, Bob Rial, Tony Statham, Dave Whittle, Mike Whittle, Mike Worthington

    In contrast to some of the year’s earlier walks, the weather today was near perfect for our visit to Longridge, a few miles from Preston city centre.

    The early arrival members, including your correspondent, Alan and Mike, chose to stand upon the main ramp at Preston station awaiting the remainder of the group, due to arrive imminently from Manchester. We observed an abnormally heavy police presence as we waited. We were slightly taken aback when a female constable ventured towards us to inquire where the three wise monkeys were intending to visit that day which almost caused us to vent an audible sigh of relief that it wasn’t a charge of soliciting with intent!. Thankfully too, we were free of any illicit substances or lingering scents of any previous evening’s cannabis consumption. We responded to her friendly inquiry albeit with a due sense of unease and slight paranoia and duly began to converse with her, covering such subjects as her take on working for a modern day constabulary, the state of police pensions and her opinion on the Tories’ generous relaxation of public pay awards which included amongst others, the police service. Overall, it transpired that extant police service conditions of employment are not, unsurprisingly, what they once were.

    In due course, the remaining members arrived whereupon we then headed across Preston city centre at a brisk pace, invoked by our leader Alan, to the bus stop for the service to Longridge. Upon our arrival, we set a bearing which would take us towards Longridge Fell which then led us towards Jeffrey Hill. At this point, we were optimally positioned to absorb the stunning and breathtaking views of the Bleasdale Fells and, because of our good fortune regarding the weather conditions, we had an excellent view of Yorkshire’s Three Peaks: Pen-y-ghent, Whernside and Ingleborough. We continued onwards by descending into the Ribble Valley along field paths and bridleways to return to our starting point in Longridge.

    During the afternoon, we called in the Corporation Arms and took the opportunity of seating ourselves in the beer garden to avail ourselves of the residual sunshine before fair weather cloud began to accumulate.

    During the evening in Longridge we visited Hoppy Days and the Tap and Vent. Some members availed themselves of pub cuisine whilst others opted for a visit to the local fish and chip shop. Following ample portions of fish, pies and chips, it was time to catch the return bus service to Preston. The chip shop visitors were ideally positioned with the bus stop being sited opposite the food takeaway shop.

    The return destination was the main bus station in Preston where we then made a beeline for The Guild Ale House. Certain members were unable to avail themselves of the final hostelry because of their transport circumstances.

    Once again, our gratitude was conveyed to Alan for another magnificent production.