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  • sgoff - Tuesday 26 September 2017 16:35
    Hi Dave ,Please can you forward the following details,thank you.

    The walk is from Disley via the Peak Forest Canal & Middlewood Way then through Lyme Park returning to Disley vi a Green Lane(a moderate 9 miles).There will be a pub stop at the Hulls Head at Higher Poynto (hopefully we will get there when it's still open this time).

    The train is from Piccadilly at 10.49am arriving at Disley at 11.18am.(please meet at 10.30am).

    There are return trains at 18.27,18.55,19.54,20.55 & 21.54, the journey time is about 35 minutes.

    The return fare is £6.20p although you could use a Wayfarer, as usual please choose whatever is best for you.

    I will be getting the on the train at Stockport.

  • sgoff - Tuesday 26 September 2017 16:37
    O.C.O.T. Minutes

    17th February 2017


    Present: Syd Bennett, Robert Brown, Steve Carey, Kevin Clarke, Dave Dalton, Andy Fildes, Steve Goff, Miklos Gombos, John Guest, Adi Hammond, Trevor Heywood, Robert Holmes, Larry Johnson, Kevin Jordan, Alan Larsen, Colin Larsen, Sylvia Larsen, Keith Mayoh, Kevin McDonough, Barry McGuinness, Mike Melia, Aidan Moy, John Nelson, Noel O’Toole, Bob Rial, Steve Sawczuk, Julie Sprigg, Roger Wallace, Dave Whittle, Mike Worthington

    A swollen group of thirty attendees arrived at Disley on a reasonably fair weather day.

    Today’s walk took in the Peak Forest canal and Middlewood way and then onwards through Lyme Park and ultimately returning to Disley by Green Lane.

    A break was taken around midday at the Bull’s Head public house in Higher Poynton. Following our entry, it took only several minutes for regrets to be audibly voiced by several members in our mistakenly patronising such an unwelcoming hostelry. We assumed that it was a manager who was responsible on the day for house’s operations. Surely, any landlord worthy of the title would never have behaved in such a boorish manner, as we were soon to learn to our cost. The membership had seldom seen over the years the exhibiting of such an inflexible attitude in allowing us to enjoy our drinks before the closure of the premises for the afternoon. It was the breathtaking rigidity of the manager’s attitude and his employment of such unseemly haste that rankled us all as we were shepherded towards the pub’s exit door as we approached closing time. It was almost a welcome relief to be shortly standing outside away from his inhospitable glare.

    Upon our return to Disley, a schism appeared in the group as several members who were leading the party decided to head towards the White Horse whilst others who arrived later entered the hostelry and then immediately performed a volte face and inexplicably headed off towards the next port of call which turned out to be the White Lion.

    It was therefore sometime later in the evening before we were all reunited in the White Lion. Several members ordered meals from the sole, elderly member of the pub’s management team, who processed, procured and purveyed all of the orders. It transpired that his female assistant for the evening had found reason to forsake him at short notice because of personal business. Your correspondent together with others, could not help remarking about his uncanny resemblance to Uncle Albert (Buster Merryfield) from the sitcom Only Fools and Horses. If not Uncle Albert, then surely Captain Birdseye would have would also have been a close contender! The bar service was lamentably slow given that the machinations of ‘Albert’ were being spread way too thinly around the hostelry’s various functions. It was to his assistant’s credit that when she finally returned later to the pub to position herself behind the bar, she sensed which way the wind was blowing regarding herself and “Albert’s” cool reception and initially maintained a safe distance between herself and his self to allow him his ‘cooling off’ period.

    Our final refreshment of the evening was taken at the Ram’s Head adjacent to the station.

    Steve G wished it to be made known that his son, Andy, and coach transport would be made available for the May outing.

    The group thanked Robert once more for an imaginative and scenic but rather testing trek given the estimated distance of around thirteen miles.