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  • sgoff - Monday 14 November 2016 16:48
    O.C.O.T. Minutes

    14th October 2016


    Present: Robert Brown, Steve Carey, Dave Dalton, Andy Fildes, Steve Goff, Adi Hammond, Robert Holmes, Larry Johnson, Kevin Jordan, David Lamb, Alan Larsen, Kevin McDonough, John Nelson, Mark Nutter, Noel O’Toole, Bob Rial, Elsa Sawczuk, Steve Sawczuk, Tony Statham, Dave Whittle, Mike Whittle, Mike Worthington

    A gathering of twenty two members from three points of the compass, assembled at Buckshaw Parkway rail station. Soon after the disembarkation from the train of the Manchester contingent, we headed off from the station towards Buckshaw village. Memories of the brief spat between Tesco and Unilever sprang to mind as we passed a Tesco supermarket close to the village, surprisingly without anyone wishing to pay a visit. All members’ pantries appeared to be stocked with an ample supply of Marmite. Buckshaw is a new village and is positioned on the erstwhile site of the Euxton Royal Ordnance factory. The location, as recently as last year, was the home of the training ground of Bolton Wanderers Football Club until it encountered pecuniary hardship.

    We were soon making our way through the Cuerden valley and on to our first pub of the day: Ye Olde Hob Inn where we enjoyed craft ales. Following our departure, having exhausted our allotted beer allowance charitably granted by our leader, we continued along the old Preston railway lines towards Avenham Park in Preston.

    We emerged from the park and walked towards our first late afternoon hostelry: The Continental. After a short visit here, we continued towards the Ale Emporium, nominated as the pub of the day. Here, we drank several pints and were treated to the landlady’s hospitality by way of a complimentary meal of either pie and peas or potato hash. Upon finishing the meal, the long standing charitable disposition of the group made it almost mandatory to offer a thank you gesture by way of a financial contribution. Your correspondent found himself offering apologies to Tony as Tony’s glass was accidentally knocked over by the top of his backpack. Tony proved to be surprisingly agile, leaping to a standing position in less than a second as the shock, of the tidal flow of the spilt bitter washing over the table, onto his upper thigh and nether region, hit home.

    Our final port of call was the Black Bull where we enjoyed our final drinks.

    The group extended its gratitude to Alan for another superb walk.