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Friday 15 July 2016
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  • sgoff - Saturday 23 July 2016 16:03
    : OCOT Friday 15th July 2016 Hayfield and Lantern Pike

    Dear All

    This months trip is a 7/8 mile moderate circular walk from Hayfield up to Lantern Pike.

    The pubs of the day are The Lantern Pike Inn ( during the walk) and The Royal Hotel and The Kinder Inn in Hayfield. The Royal Hotel sells food also The Pack Horse does food.

    Please meet at Manchester Piccadilly at 10:30 am in order to catch the 10:49 up to New Mills Central (11:15 ). We also need to catch a bus (Stagecoach 358) up to Hayfield from New Mills Central. If your over 60 a Wayfarer ticket will suffice. A day return ticket from Manchester Piccadilly to New Mills Central is £7:10 and the bus ticket will be approximately £4:00 ( Depending where you travel from it might be worth purchasing an under 60 Wayfarer but of course if you partner up a Northern Rail Duo could be purchased, think you all know the score now. As always please purchase a ticket in accordance with your personal circumstances.

    The group may have a pint in New Mills before returning to Manchester.

    Times of trains back to Manchester Piccadilly are 19:30, 20:03, 20:30.

    Please contact me either by email or on my mobile 07949550751 if you have any enquiries.


  • sgoff - Monday 10 October 2016 18:10
    O.C.O.T. Minutes*

    15th July 2016


    Present: Syd Bennett, Andy Fildes, Graham Fildes, John Guest, Adi Hammond, Trevor Heywood, Kevin Jordan, Alan Larsen, Paul Morrell, Noel O’Toole, Bob Rial, Steve Sawczuk, Elsa Sawczuk, Debbie Thomas, Mike Whittle

    On arrival at Hayfield village, a gradual walk led to a steeper continuous walk up cobbled steps where we eventually stopped for sandwiches with the accompaniment of a swarm of flies. The trees provided cover from the rain which was getting heavier, especially as we walked on a very narrow path on the moor which was surrounded by heavy overgrown terrain.

    At the bottom of the path, we reformed as a group a little wetter than when we started. Should we continue walking or was there a Plan B? We decided to go re the Lantern Pike for liquid refreshments where it was believed some scripts for Coronation Street had been written. Some people decided to continue the walk, whilst others stayed and were fortunate to get a lift to Hayfield off the landlady of the pub.

    An ascent then started to get to the top of the other side of the valley as the weather improved and the trig point was eventually revealed with good, clear, panoramic views being available.

    The Sett Valley was then joined which took us directly into Hayfield and to the Royal pub, where tables were brought together and a good crack was enjoyed by the group especially with Noel’s story about when he dropped his sausage on the floor of the Midland Hotel. Some Codgers enjoyed a Pensioners’ Special at the local chippy for £5.

    For those who had stayed, the bus took them to New Mills where a last drink was taken at the Pride Of The Peaks before the train arrived.

    In view of Noel’s sausage story, it was ironic the last drink he ordered was Cumberland bitter.

    Once again, many thanks to Alan Larsen for organising an another enjoyable walk.


    Local BBC news was in Hayfield in respect of a local mountain rescuer who died whilst out on a call.

    We walked past a rock which commemorated the mass trespass of Kinder many years ago. Without this trespass, we would not have had our numerous walks over the years and the enjoyment that went with them.

    * Please note that this month’s minutes were authored by Kevin Jordan